If you remember I came off meds. I think I have made a mistake

As some of you may know, I came off meds but with the consent of my doc.

I am experiencing some symptoms which I don’t know if they are related to psychosis.

I don’t want to go back on them because I feel so much happier and my emotions don’t feel flat anymore. I can enjoy more things. For instance, I even went out with my colleagues last night. Something which I would have made excuses to avoid. All this is good.

But then it’s kind of annoying. Because I sit in an office with another girl and she must be annoyed with me because I can’t keep my mouth shut. I talk crap. I really feel disconnected from my personality because I’m not a talkative person. I am actually quite shy.

And then there is an issue of time. It goes too fast at work. I feel I have to leave before I walked in. I can’t keep up. Meaning I feel I am unable to get much done. I feel distracted by my phone or I keep talking which also doesn’t help me getting work done.

I’m really not sure what to do. I called my GP she said she’d call later in teh week, it hasn’t happened so i presumre she isn’t worried.

From past experience. When I came off my meds I regretted it and never did it again and never will do it ever again

i hear this a lot, i dont know of anyone who has been diagnosed sz coming off tablets and staying off of them without te symptoms returning, i have tried, you have, probably everybody in the room has tried it and it just doesnt work, its nothing to be ashamed of,

what i would do is try and find a good dose and stick with that, what i mean is nothing too big or too small but just enough to keep your symptoms at bay without it affecting other things (if that is possible)
i am doing it just now, i get hardly any symptoms and i’m on a low dose of medicine which works well for me, maybe you can do the same.

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@anon80629714 maybe you could try a different med other than Abilify? Abilify dampened my senses, zoned me out and kept me disconnected, maybe you could try a different med at the right dose? If you need meds, do not be ashamed or disappointed, many of us, including me are reliant on them. I would have a serious talk with your pdoc

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are you eating alot of green leafy vegetables? that will help you

There are not much options here, other than Latuda which is coming out in August hopefully :frowning:

@anon80629714 I’ve been on latuda for about two years and it’s helping me. At first they had to constantly adjust the med for it to be at the right dose. I’m on 160mg of latuda and 12mg of invega. I find the latuda helps with the paranoia and mood swings while the invega helps with the hallucinations some what. The doctor is still looking for a perfect solution but she figures since i have minimal symptoms when i’m not stressed that is a good sign the meds are working.

I’ll just say more of the same. I couldn’t make it without meds either. I about ruined my life while I was off my meds. I’ll never do it again either.

Why not going out wile on med. i just want to understand if med takes away the confidence and self esteem.