I've been running from this diagnosis for 15 years

I was diagnosed Schizoaffective years ago after a stay in hospital. After I came out I didn’t engage with Mental Health services at all and tried my best to ignore what had happened. If anyone asked U just had depression.

Wherever I go people always seem to end up taking the mick out of me and saying I’m crazy. I internalised the shame and stigma around the diagnosis and at the sam e time was desperately looking for a cure so I could pass as “normal”. I ended up addicted to GHB (but not that worked well in the beginning).

Now, after doing Crystal meth (not the best idea) and having a series of psychotic breaks Im coming to terms with the diagnosis.

So Hi everyone! Lol


Hi and welcome. You’ll find a lot of good conversation and support here.

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Welcome. The ppl here are nice :+1:
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welcome i feel you iv been diagnosed for 6 months now

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I should have been diagnosed at 23, but I made it to 30 years old before agreeing to take meds.


Welcome to the community!


I am glad you are seeing the light…welcome.

Welcome to the forums!

Schizophrenia for most of us has a habit of sneaking up and biting you on the Ass! Best thing you can do is take the meds and avoid the street drugs. Sounds like your on the path which is always good to see.

Again. Welcome.

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Welcome to the community. A lot of people come but few stay

Thanks everyone! I’ll definitely stick around :slight_smile:

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15 years for me too, but i have a different story somewhat. Welcome.

Welcome :slight_smile: I hope you will like this site/forum

Welcome to the boards! thank you for your honesty.

I’m pd. sz’ic and med complaint.

Welcome. Hope you find the support you need here

Now I’m not trying to pretend things aren’t happening Im planning to start a decent supplement regime using the information here. I also have a hospital appointment on the 14th which I’m dreading because it’s in an old Victorian asylum and the building looks horrible.

I’m also very tempted to experiment with Baclofen. I know that this is self medicating and it’s frowned on. Mental Health services wouldn’t need to know would they? They’d just see it as drug addiction.

The worst part about all this is realising that most of the people I thought of as friends were all laughing at me and bitching. That’s not paranoia, unfortunately. It’s the truth :frowning:

we have the help me

don’t help me attitude sometimes toward mental health services

I think we don’t want to give in

keep your appointment, maybe it’s pleasant inside the building

hope they all treat you good,

and by the way, don’t do drugs! It might backfire.

I don’t agree with my diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. I used to believe I worked for the government but not since my meds. But there really are men following me, tapping my phone and computer, and there are cameras in my home. They are following me because they thought I worked for the government because I thought I did. It’s all very frustrating.

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thanks I’ve been wondering what that was

Welcome to the community!

Before self-medicating, it’s pretty important to have an antipsychotic prescription to keep symptoms low. Self-medication should not be the first line of defence, since the results are not as reliable as an antipsychotic’s.

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