I've been on elefriends lately (uk support community)

so i’ve been on elefriends which is an online community supported by mind.org the charity and i’ve been writing down how i feel and what i’ve been doing on there, it is for all mental illnesses and is mostly for people from the uk, i was trying to help someone tonight actually and i am hoping that i helped as the person was having very negative thoughts.


if I change my accent, would they notice?

just kidding lol lol. it’s good you found a place with similar people, bud.

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I’ve had an account there for years but have hardly been on there. The format puts me off using it much.


Just posted there for the first time in years. It’s off putting because there are no actual topics with titles, and finding your posts later to track replies isn’t that easy.

Several posts, no replies. Another reason I’ve never used it much.

yeah, i usually need to refresh the page a lot by pressing the home button, it works ok for me but it did take a lot of getting use to.


I’ve just joined under a different username


its got a nice intro,the baby elephants and all that