Anyone from UK here?

Anyone want to talk? Feel free to message me. I’m in a very bad place right know and I bet some of you are too so let’s share our sadness together! I’m seen as rude because I’m honest person but I can assure you I’m very nice person just not mentally well :frowning:

We need to stick together but yall alienarting
And not makinf a contact how dan i make contact withnsomeone from the UK if inhave no idea who on this forum are from heee?!??!!!

We sure are a great community

Sarcasm of course

This narcistic society will lead us all to suicide

Peple only caeinf about themselves and not making new contacts and sharing experiences ans helping others

This evil society wich teaches us that we are special but we aint we are all the same we need to come togwher bexause commubity is power and alienation and caring obly about onesef is BAD AND EVIL AND YOU NEED TO REACH TO JESUS HE SHARED HIS BREAD WITH THE POOR

Hi, @sickandsad. There are plenty of conversations going on here, why not try jumping into one of them?

Ever been to garfunkles?

I am from the UK. We are a friendly bunch but cautious. I think it goes with the territory. Perhaps you could let us all know some general stuff about yourself,nothing too private, just a general introduction.

hi there! i used to live in Hendon, London from 1994-1997. (I live in Indonesia now.)

When i do i get blocked for a month simply for nonreason whatsoever this site discriminates against its own kind ! I have been blocked just by simply stating the truth this site fears the truth and God will punish all of the people who do no right to me. I have God ans what have you? Some powers to block me from herw becausw ur annoyed by what im saying ??? Your crazy and some orher crazy annoys you??? Wow just wow no words left people

Never hears of that. Whats that?

Religious topics are restricted here, because they tend to be upsetting to many of our participants. That may have been why you were suspended.

Please keep that in mind as you post.

Donr know what to say. I jave Several mental disorders, mocked by my owj family,!very very damaged hoping for the best and prayinf to God my life will turn out okay. I want to
Make a changw in this word and do good and be wirh people who are in bad place and tohetjer figjt and win this foght

Burger place in London I went to. It was on every corner and I hated it lol.

That was 16 years ago though

I really like the fact that this is an international site.
I have learned a whole lot about the different cultures.


So God ofdend you? Faith and being a good person offends you? But talking bad sh*t doesnt??? Talijg nonsense and not having faith is bad. But okay okay igwt it christianitu is under attack now and we must be quiwt to please certain people

Im very young im in my twenties anyone like
Me or am i too young to be this sick???

I think you will find there are quite a few people here of a similar age to you. I am one of the oldies(59).

When I was younger I was more sick

It gets better

So majority are old people?

@sickandsad, I’m only trying to explain the forum guidelines to you so that you are better able to navigate and participate in conversations here.

I’m not trying to fight with you, and I’d appreciate it if you’d afford me the same courtesy. I’d like it if this conversation didn’t lead to another suspension.

You’re getting plenty of replies on your post now, so please try to enjoy that without starting arguments.

You cannot be certain abou t this. It depends on individial for me personally. I suspect early death i hope it doesnr offend people word death cause some of the peopoe on here are sensitive bunch of lil di*ks