I've been having a hard time

I hate that I never have enough money for anything. Any that I do get usually go to bills and such. This month had a lot of unexpected expenses. Now I have $12.00 that is supposed to last me until the end of the month. I have the option of using it for fuel for my car or food. I need to pick some food up at the store tomorrow and it’s not going to last very long. Or I could buy gas, but then I wouldn’t have any food at all. I have been stressing out about it a lot and I didn’t want to say anything about it because it’s sort of shameful. I don’t like complaining about being poor but I just had to get out, at least I can say it here and not have to look people in the eyes and watch them judge or pitey me.

Thousands of budgeting tips on the net. One of main expenses is the car. If public transport is available and accessible why do you need one? In the meanwhile many of the churches do food packages for the needy and the poor. That should help tie you over for a bit at any rate. Some even deliver to your home so may help stretch that $12.00 even further.

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I’m sorry. In a similar situation here. It’s going to be a long month.

Peanut butter on tortillas all day every day.

I need gas because I have to travel from one small town to the other. And these towns don’t have reliable public transportation, and they sure don’t bus to other places. They don’t even have a bus schedule

I’ve been living under the poverty level my whole adult life. But I’ve still lived in luxury most of the time. But dreamscape is right. Many churches will feed the poor by serving food or giving away a few bags of groceries. I’ve done it in the past, there’s no shame in it. Everybody runs into tough times in their lives and need a little help to make ends meet.