I've been feeling so much better

… you have no idea!

I’ve been sleeping right and very well, I’ve been eating properly, I’ve started to dream about the future again.
Even the med change seems right. I feel strong.
I have this intense feeling that I did the right thing about quitting the degree and putting both my feet on the recovery path.

I’m a bit worried about my depression creeping in, but as long as I stay occupied I don’t think that will be a problem. If it is, I’ll deal with it.

Good riddance to the old me! I’m going to work hard on recovery and pass all the tests life brings me with flying colors.


Out with the old, in with the new! What was the med switch? I have a hard time keeping up sometimes, there are so many threads…can’t read 'em all, and if I try, I forget anyway. I think being realistic about what you want to do in life, and prioritizing recovery are VERY positive steps. Keep it up!


Thats the Spirit Minnii! :smile:

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I’ll be changing meds not next month, but the next. I’ll up my dose for now, my pdoc will evaluate which med we’ll try until then. Probably Abilify, it’s what we discussed. Not sure yet

And thanksss

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Sounds great! Hopefully it’ll continue.

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Yes, with my mood swings I never know :sweat:

i have eurphoria for breakfast every morning after 3 cups of coffee…imo you can have the polar oppisite to your heart contents as the oppisite to psychosis which is super blissful feelings, its in our hearts…

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great news Minnie darling, glad for you :wink:
me,i fight without meds right now :slight_smile:

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Good luck for you, it’s not easy, hope you can manage.

i have it all in my head…its getting it into words is the tricky part…so you get the true meaning of what im trying to explain… :cake:

I’ve experienced weight gain and low libido on 15mg of Abilify…be careful what you wish for @Minnii

I’m going to try Latuda next month if my work insurance covers it.

I’ll talk to my pdoc about it, to see what the options are what is his opinion, he said in terms of symptoms it was good in terms of side effects and being managed is not so good as the one I’m on.

There are other options.

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I have taken risperidone for 3 years and now I have recovered so Ive halved my dose so now I have hope for the future and am excited to do new things there is hope that recovery is possible

Maybe you can go back to school in the future. I first went to college in 1984. I took a few classes for a couple of years then I stopped. I went back in 1990 and took some more classes than I stopped in 1995. I started again in 2010 and I need 4 more classes for my degree. It’s good that you feel content about stopping but nothing says you can’t go back in the future. Good luck Minnii.

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I’m going! Not decided to where yet, but I’m going! :smile:

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HI Minnii
I am so very happy for you. Your post on feeling much better is really encouraging. I wish you the best of luck. Hoping you stay feeling better

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Thank you! Best of luck to you too :smile:

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Hi Minnii
Your reply to me I really appreciate. The best of luck to you too. Hugs.
Thought of a new faith Dudeism Dude eism. It 's main dogma is live in the moment.

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yay! i’m happy for you @Minnii, I know how you feel. I use to feel that way when I was on some of my old meds.

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