I've always had difficulty making posts people will reply to

I almost always read the articles that you post. I try to comment where I can

I find it hard to think of questions that are not too utterly stupid or at the other extreme.

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I can’t always think of a good question either firemonkey. Sometimes it takes awhile to come up with something good.

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Yes -firemonkey was chosen because of the Chinese zodiac.

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I kind of have the same problem as you, firemonkey. I don’t worry about it too much. I think part of the problem with you and me is that we’re quite a bit older than the average person on this site, and we don’t relate to a lot of the things they like. We’re not into the things they are. I wouldn’t worry about it.


Cool. I was born in the year of the Earh dragon. Maybe it’s because I fall under the year of the dragon but I’ve always thought Chinese astrology is pretty cool. I’ve noticed a lot of people invest money into industries related to the particular element. For example 2000, technology. 2012 potable water. I think it may have there may be a correlation for rich Chinese billionairse.

I think that it’s more that people don’t know what to say. They may agree or disagree with a post, but don’t know how to articulate their thoughts.

Plus there’s a lot of lurkers that read. So don’t think that no replies means ignored.

You could always reply to yourself. Some do…

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I feel like we could have good conversations about academic stuff, @firemonkey. If I can somehow make my brain start functioning again, that is. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s true to a certain extent . On the other hand I have interests that are either not suitable for the forum, understandably so, i.e politics or are not overly popular i.e genealogy and DNA. My musical knowledge post 1988 is very limited. I don’t like rap, hip hop and similar. Ditto heavy metal. . My sporting knowledge is limited.

I can feel that way with posts that need a caring response . It’s not that I don’t care. I just struggle to give such posts a worthwhile response.

I’m a strange mix - fire monkey +Capricorn.

I haven’t done anything 'academic ’ since early 1976. I’m very lucky that I haven’t experienced the cognitive decline some here have mentioned. As it is I tend to do well on tests that most people would do well on .

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In some ways we’re very similar. I don’t like rap, hip hop, or heavy metal, and I think ANY kind of political discussion is going to make people mad. You can turn a perfectly lovely party into a shouting match by discussing politics. Personally, I’m content the way I am.

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How has your week been? Does the weather changing bother your joints? Are you getting enough exercise?

I’m not getting anywhere near enough exercise. Found out yesterday I’ve got curvature of the spine which, judging by it’s length, I was told has been there since at least my youth. It may have got worse which would account for the back pain. The medical name is scoliosis. My youngest niece had it so badly she had to have an operation. The weather doesn’t affect my joints much, but I have had flu like reactions after being caught in the rain more than a few times. My hips are supposedly in excellent condition which is strange given the hip pain I had yesterday morning.

The week has been puzzling genealogy wise. I won’t bore you with the details.

I hope your week has gone well. Do you have any hobbies/interests?

You make posts I read and I appreciate it!

I like to watch people play video games and sometimes it helps inspire me to get into the game, once I’m in the game I can play for a few hours so its sort of like “why am I not doing this?” From my research it seems schizophrenia Anhedonia is in expectations of pleasure more then it is in feeling pleasure doing something you enjoy. So I’ve been trying to trick myself to enjoy things where I can and get into them. I’m mostly by myself these days so I try to paint miniatures that are for dungeons and dragons to get inspired to tell stories about them and see what that kind of character feels like. I like it, it makes me test my empathy.

My knees are injured so I go swimming, today the swim team had a meet and I forgot so I had to walk back which was annoying but totally my fault, I’d seen the sign saying it would happen today I just forgot about it.

I walked the dogs yesterday and thats one of my new challenges for myself find inspiration to walk them. They’re good animals and even though I love them and want them to do well its hard to walk I get pretty fickle. I’ve been doing it at night to skip the heat during the summer, but now that its going towards fall that won’t work especially in winter.

I don’t want an entire season where I skip their walks. I’ve got my brother and mom I’m living with and they help but its on me to do better.


Don’t worry about it. I’ve made topics that only got a few replies, posted pictures that only got a few likes, posted memes that only got a few likes. I never became concerned over it.

Maybe you just post things you’re interested in but others are not or know little about, nothing wrong with that.

Well you got plenty of replies to this one. :grinning:

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I have created many a dud thread too @firemonkey. If I make a silly topic I get ignored a lot. I might be too silly sometimes. Or when I reply to a thread and no one responds or likes what I said I get self conscious too. I don’t want to jinx your thread but I did think that I was the official thread ender at one time. I hope that doesn’t happen here! lol

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