Social Skills and communicating on this forum

There was some pretty horrible things going on yesterday in a particular thread relating to how treatment of women on the forum was bad.

I don’t want that argument re-ignited here, but I want to make the following point as I am conscious that some people need to understand.

(Drawing a line under the above)

I honestly was clueless as to why there was an issue and I think it’s down to my poor social skills that I am unable to notice bad things easily - even in writing and spending a lot of time here reading.

Retrospectively I think this may be true for the people who display the negative behaviours too - I think they just don’t understand what they’re doing, and if it was pointed out to them they would perhaps not respond in the best way as they are probably unaware that their behaviour is unacceptable/inappropriate.

I am not condoning it, what I guess I am trying to say is that if we support these people by guiding them, it’s far better all round to resolve the issue and a simple apology may result rather than everyone falling out - which is not helpful for any of us as we’re all dealing with pressures that are perhaps illness/med related.

It worries me as I find this particular corner of the internet to be well moderated, and generally a safe space, and it shocked me a bit to see what was going on.

I get it that there are ‘bad eggs’, but I don’t think anyone is deliberately trying to upset anyone.


I feel the same way


Sorry but there is a vast difference between having poor social skills (mine are supposedly very poor) and being deliberately and persistently offensive.


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