It's usually the opposite

usually the threads are desired to be opened. but is it possible for a mod to close all my old threads? i think it’d be a tedious manual task for a mod. but i really don’t know what powers a mod has at his or her disposal, so i’m asking just in case. i’ve recently decided to create less threads, but i don’t want my old threads to be accessible either. recently, one of my old threads got posted in.

if it’s a simple task, then please close all of them. otherwise nevermind. if this is not a simple task, then i’m wondering if my current account can be anonymized and that i can get a new account. i don’t want to get in trouble for having two active accounts.

Hey, I’ve written lots of posts that I find embarrassing, now. It’s called growing. Don’t kill the child in you because you are becoming an adult. You, and we, can live it all down.


i’m okay with my posts. lol. it has nothing to do with that. lol. in fact, i’m going to link a handful of my old threads to my new threads

We can’t close all of your old threads (it would be manual and you have over 600), but we can anonymize your account. Just let us know what you’d like to do.


Farewell and welcome.

okay. anonymize away, @Rhubot

i will re-register and get a new account, to avoid anything from the old threads of this account. i wish i could carry over my signature, but beggars can’t be choosers. i can have my signature as my bio i guess

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Done! See you soon. Post here with the new name and I’ll reinstate your signature.

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thanks a lot, rhubot. oh man i forgot to record my special list. i will have to fill my special list from scratch now. oh gosh.

thanks for the signature too!

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:joy_cat: I tried to transfer it over to your new account but it’s not possible. Good luck rebuilding it, you put a lot of effort into it!

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Oh man what did I miss :expressionless:

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you didn’t miss anything lol.

alright, i’m going to start re-linking some old threads now to new threads. some threads were important like my video game thread, playing with fire metaphorically thread, and 30 days of june exercise and diet thread, etc. or maybe i won’t have to re-link. i might just continue posting in those old threads instead. yeah, that might be easier. i need to do some stuff off-line first though. things that i can not tell…

will be back in on the forum in 15 to 30 minutes. thanks again for everything, rhubot.

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