It's too hard

I hadn’t been to the mail box for week, and the stuff I got! Recertification for food stamps and renewal of motor vehicle registration! It’s too hard.

But after 90 minutes, I got one of them done. And that felt good.


Sure @Jayster, forms can be intimidating. But I find that once I start them, they are usually not as hard as I made them out to be in my mind. The hard part can be gathering information like bank statements or proof of benefits. But it seems like most forms are similar: name, address, age, date of birth etc. I still don’t like doing them but I’m not intimidated by them as I used to be. My method is I might put them aside for a day or two but I will take them out a few times to read over to get a feel for them and see what they need. Sometimes they’re easier than I expected. Anyways, good luck on those. You’re halfway there.

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I hear you on the hard part try standing and doing the dishes on a half collapsed hip knowing your next pain medicine isn’t for another 2 hours away I guess we all got our curses and vices hope the one you got done with the tag renewal

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What is with your hip, Dude?


my surgery is the 23 august dude

Well yeah. What’s with your hip?

Is this fall out from your drug trials? A brave man you are!


Yeah they can be a pain in the ass, I had to fill some papers out and had to make a phone call for my medical insurance, but like you said once its done you feel a lot better.

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Uh, that’s what she said.

I have that trouble paying bills. 1-1 at a time.

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