Halleloujha woot, woot!

I got a letter from Social Security about 5 months ago. They were doing a redetermination on me and wanted some information. I filled out a 4 page form and mailed it in and I never heard back from them but my benefits never stopped so I figured I "passed’. Well TODAY I finally got a response back from them and they determined my “disability is continuing” and that I do not show I can do “substantial” work. So I can keep my job and continue to receive my SSDI! What a relief.


You get mail on a Saturday¿

Good deal @77nick77. Those can be daunting and intimidating. I certainly understand the anxiety that comes from the folks at the SSA. I think they do 3- 5- and 7-year reviews. I’ve also heard that the people with a rep payee never have to do redetermination.

Yes, I still do. There was talk about not delivering mail anymore on Saturday but apparently my mailman didn’t get the message.

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My mom is my rep payee so does that mean I’ll never have a redetermination?

Hi alien. Yes, those forms can be intimidating but I always find that when I start filling them out, they are never as hard to fill out as they look. Most questions can be answered by a quick “yes or no”, and the other questions are often just putting a "check’ in the right box. Sometimes the forms require proof and copies of bank statements and my car registration etc. which use to involve going to a store that does photocopies but about 7 months ago I bought a "refurbished’ ‘three in one’ printer and now I can do copies and faxes from my home.

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That’'s what I’ve heard. Can’t guarantee anything. I know that, for me, I called them and asked, and they said I had no future redetermination date, implying I was good to go.

Do you receive cuts on your benefits working?

Here we can work up to something like 30 hrs a fortnight. With some reduction to our disability. Still works out better working part time or causality. We do have to disclose what hours and money we worked and earned every two weeks.

I’ll give anyone, one piece of advice: don’t call Social Security when you have frivolous questions. I did this a couple of times and it ended up that they took a closer look at my case and that’s what triggered a re-determination and a review. I was going along fine collecting my benefits regularly but when I called with something that wasn’t even a real problem they examined my case closer and gave me some paperwork to fill out. I should have just kept my mouth shut.


I’ve gotten SSDI for years. I went through every “trial work period” they offered and after 20 years of working part-time and collecting benefits I arrived at a deal where I can earn up to a $1000 a month and I can still get my benefits. The catch is that if I go over that amount even once, than they can stop my benefits. But there’s a loophole even with this. If it’s my employers fault that I went over the limit due to back pay, bonuses, cashing in sick days or vacation days etc. than my employer can write Social Security explain that it was not my fault that I went over and I will keep my benefits.

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Good advice @77nick77. The only times I call them is to report an address change. I just happened to be on the phone with them once, and I happened to broach the subject. Now I Google all my questions. I don’t even go to the local office.

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Always best to ring anonymously and ask frivolous questions.

They usually ask for your name and it is a crime to misrepresent yourself while talking to Social Security.

Some home work for you. Look up cognitive distortions and black and white thinking.

You too. But I see your point. But what I wrote is generally true and can be taken seriously as a mild warning.

Mild warning.

Over 50 shades of grey. Get lost in them myself at times. Helps to stay in the whiten areas though. It’s just a anonymous enquiry. Not like your robbing a bank.

If you say so???