Its too bad

Its too bad majority of people fall for celebrating halloween every single year, They dont realize theyre actually celebrating death and the occult, its just made to appear innocent.

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There’s nothing wrong with celebrating Halloween.

Its meaning has evolved over the years and now it just means candy for kids and drinks for adults.

If you feel like its bad, don’t celebrate.


Im just tired of it every year in my face, when I know the truth about it.

What truth do you know about it?

Its a pretty innocent little holiday.


I was never allowed to celebrate as a kid because my parents rejected it. but they softened on it when the grandkids came around. honestly it doesn’t bother me either way, I don’t get excited about it and don’t dress up but I don’t worry about those who do. it’s just another day to me. and I don’t get any trick or treaters living out in the country.

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Its origins celebrate the end of the harvest and the darker part of the year ahead.

Some cultures use it to celebrate their lost ones.

It is quite ethnocentric to associate it as a negative just because you dont agree with what it celebrates.

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It reminds me of a few who do not celebrate birthdays.

What I explained in my post is what I know.

I think you may not fully understand what the holiday means now.

Its not about death and the occult.

Today, its just a day to stock up on candy and dress up like an idiot.

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hell yeah, Halloween #1

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