It's time to stop saying words like 'Shoe' and phrases like 'Bob is you uncle'

What words or phrases would you ban?

Why would you ban them?
I’d ban incorrect phrases like " I could care less" or “as God as my witness”

“I could care less even if I didn’t try”. That sounds about right. I never heard of “as God as my witness” but I can imagine myself using it to settle a religious controversy.

Come off it. There’s nothing wrong with these phrases.


As it happens I have no uncle named Bob, so there. Shoes are just a fetish, innit. Everything has to be sexual these days. Disgusting I say.

The word ”egg” should be banned. It’s condescending to the little chicken who is the result of the egg. Instead it should be called ”an immature chicken”

”Christmas” should be banned, mostly because I hate Christmas and it hurts whenever people use the ”C” word.


I would ban the use of the phrase tickler file at work.

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Finally, some common sense.


It’s not right because it should be I COULDN’T care less.

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@pixel Is that in reference to my phrases or someone else’s? I presume you know that I’m simply taking the mickey.

I was kidding! People are actually taking my post seriously!

I would ban the term “old school”.

You want to be old school, get a job. That’s old school

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Well, if you say enough crazy things when you’re serious it’s going to be hard for people to know when you’re joking.

The post is just meant as a gentle parody of something ever hopeful posted earlier. Sz has not affected my grammar, at least not yet

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It annoys me when people skip the ‘are’ word ------- like ‘you dead’ or ‘you stupid’

Makes people sound moronic and lazy


You right. :wink:

Sometimes I don’t like it when people say what’s wrong with me in a kind of certain way…

It is just like, nothing.

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Sorry, hard to tell when someone is joking around here. There are some pretty … bizarre … topics that people are perfectly serious about.

Also better for you to take the mickey than me. I break out in handcuffs every time one of those touches my lips.


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