Cant say fuk anymore

They caught on an banned ■■■…■■■■…now what do i use as sentence enhancers…am i supposed to actualy expand my vocabulary…noooo ■■■ ■■■ ■■■…one more ■■■…

What about damn and dam…nope still safe …whew…#■■■ …nooo not that three letter word too…

I don’t mind that they bleep stuff out honestly. It allows me to say ■■■■ it without people actually having to read it, since writing ■■■■ or ■■■■ is kind of permanent so not really considered “proper etiquette” (whatever that is). Curse words can be a powerful tool to express raw emotion but when overused they become worthless like any other word. But i get how u feel about it saying ■■■■ is quite fun.

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Whats funny is its not censored in the someone commented on drop down list it says ■■■ but yea this was just a joke topic. I was getting away with dropping the c but ni more ■■■…

Man, that is very strange. Hmm we still have ass at least XD. I can do FU*K

F :hotsprings: CK

trying too hard over here XD
If ass gets censored we can allways say

Pain in the :peach:

Sorry today I went to a sports game and surivied and thus have lost my class for the day XD

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Primer 55 had a track on their cd where they said various curse words over and over and got louder and louder. It was hilarious, that track alwayz made me laugh

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Sometimes it can be so satisfying to shout ■■■■ at the top of my voice. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t.

you have to ask, is the word useful. helpful and kind. then Duck it.


Sh*t anymore. Heck. Darn. Dadnabbit.


Lol i love this forum were all crazy as ■■■■ and its ■■■■■■■ awesome i wish you all a happy night.