It's the little things in life that make me happy

Conversation in the mornings with my wife…cup of coffee w/ a danish…brisk weather and dogs being playful…it’s the little things…what little things make you happy?


You have a very blessed life.

For me, it’s taking to people (who are real) lol, conversing and having a bit of fun.

Have that connection and deep ness of a conversation that’s the dream


I love spending time with my husband, spending time with my animal children, spending time in the mountains, bike riding, and I love going to the Farmers Market. :relaxed:


I love my banjos. I love when my furballs want attention. I love that my car still runs.

Also talking with close family members.


Hanging out with my GF. Going grocery shopping. Cooking pot roasts for me and my GF’s daughter and grandson. Smoking a pipe. Brewing a cup of tea. Playing a little guitar. Doing the forum. Talking to my sister on the phone. Going out to eat.
Many little things, they all add up!


Meditating. Laughing yoga.


When I finally get my apartment jail cleaned up and can relax. For some reason people have forgotten how to make TV antennas, and I left my old rabbit ears antenna that could get about 30 channels at my last apartment. None of the new ones I’ve bought, work and they’re expensive. So I’ve been watching shows on my phone, since I don’t have wifi yet.

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