It's not a complete day on Facebook til I'm called a moron, looney tunes, and a nut job

Phil says I get myself into this by going to sites that are clearly against conspiracy theories and trying to defend some of them.

He’s never made waves like I do, and nobody changes the world who doesn’t.

I told them to come to DeWitt, Iowa and say that to my face, you cowards! they just laughed. it may too late for me to say that, it’s been going on for too long by too many.

the sad thing is, they may know I have schizophrenia, cuz I post about it all the time, usually not in a bad way, but it makes the name calling doubly bad. ugh.

Maybe you should leave facebook.

It seems like a very unhealthy place for you.


it’s what Phil says, but not, all my activism is there, and I like to keep up on the world we live in.

There are bad conspiracies going on. A lot of illegal things done, to deny people basic human rights.

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Facebook is a horrible news source,

You shouldn’t be “keeping up on the world” there anyway.

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I don’t believe all of it, but a lot of it, I do.

I like to see what the mass media is saying.

Sounds like an obsession.

You’re doing it against all advice and forewarning,

And you seem to know it’s bad for you.

I know you won’t,

But you should delete your account and stay away from conspiracies.

I read a study about fb showing that 75-80% of fb news are fake, just so you click on it so they get money.

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I use a local news app of a local news tv channel, much more accurate. Even Google news is much better than fb.


yeah, I’m able to identify what seem off,
but I’ve got my setting on news feed
for who I want to follow,
so there isn’t too much I get
that is fake.
I also prefer to get involved in the article,
comment and get into a discussion,
and I think on Google News I have register
and give my info, not sure, haven’t checked it in awhile,
if they even allow comments at all on there.

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plus I don’t want to miss out on all the dogs sites I follow, videos
and such,
and the non-profit groups I follow.
and I really like Messenger.

I use messenger and whatsapp a lot.

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@daze here it is.

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ohhh, thank you.

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No problem at all. You’re welcome.

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