It's normal for a toddler to throw her dollies around

I wasn’t allowed to I grew up with the idea that I was a danger to babies. I was never able to shake it off. In my life, I have only held two babies - and then only for a moment. I was cold and did not enjoy it. We learn some lessons late in life.


I never threw my dolls around when I was a child, but I did cut their hair short and pierce their ears trying to make the dolls look more like myself.

Holding babies for the first time is scary, they are so small and appear to be so fragile. It wasn’t a pleasant first time experience for me that’s for sure.

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My sister has always had a fascination with fire so she set fire to her dollies as well as my bedroom.

My daughter always treated her dolls and stuffies very well. The infant ones received extra tenderness as I recall.

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Really. When I was mad at my mother, I took it out on my dollies. I’m not apologizing. There was no opportunity for a David and Goliath justice.

The kid only got a pat on the butt once around age two for trying to stick her hand on a hot burner. We weren’t into screaming, yelling at, or shaming our daughter. Honestly, if you can’t win a discussion with a seven year old and you resort to screaming, you need help with parenting.

My parents could have used some counseling. It might have saved us a lot of grief.

Oh yes, I can relate.

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