I think I'm just being negative but

Little kids give me the creeps.


I feel nervous and uncomfortable around them, but maybe it will be different if its my own child… But I’m not one to pick up babies and play with little kids. When they are older (about 7 or 8) I feel a bit more comfortable around them.

I sort of connect with little kids up until they start to talk. Then they’re way ahead of me. Babies I don’t understand at all. I used to do a lot of imaginative stuff with my brother’s kids. I can’t do that any more. I no longer believe in magic.

Little kids are awesome! Roving bundles of curiosity and playfulness. Really miss mine being smaller as she was an absolute blast. (Not that I don’t enjoy her now, but…)



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Curiosity and playfulness has to be watched constantly and that is one thing I am not capable of.

I hope not, or my wife will never leave me alone to my own devices ever again!


I meant that of little children who haven’t learned of the dangers.

I was always the youngest, so I never learned how to care for a baby or small kids. That all changed when I started babysitting, and it didn’t take long to learn I actually enjoyed being around all those high energy, curious and happy kids. It’s not that difficult to learn, just have to keep them fed, clean and give them something meaningful to do, and most will be pretty content.

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The older I get, the more cynical and crusty I get. The world stopped being wonderous and magical for me a long time ago. When you’re around small kids you get that piece of yourself back – the one that believed in magic – if only for a little while. Age has definitely taught me to cherish youth in others. :smiley:


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too true, kids make tomorrow more hopeful for all.

i love kids :slight_smile: they had the children singing and dancing in the church last week it ws awesome and they really enjoyed it :thumbsup: