I swallowed my mind

Do you realize the coordination required just to dress a baby? My mother was not that coordinated and there was a lot of rough handling. No wonder I never had one.

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Is there a lot involved? I’ve never dressed one. Don’t they just lie on their backs and you put their arms and legs in the cloths?

Yes. but that isn’t just a “just” to me. Consider the fact that they have feelings and you can’t just stuff them around. I don’t have that strong a back either to support myself while I’m attempting it. A lot of babies go around in just diapers now a days.

Oh no… they wiggle and squirm and bend in ways little arms and legs shouldn’t bend and if your not quick they will roll over and crawl away in sonic speed.

They also like to grab buttons and zips and it’s hard getting those strong little fingers to let go. When I have to dress babies I have to lay them on a blanket on the floor because every baby I’ve ever tried to dress likes to roll and wiggle. I would HATE myself if I ever dropped one off a table.


@SurprisedJ i thought you were @kidsister using jays account lol, when do you have to dress babies? lol i have never even touched a baby before i would probably drop them :baby_bottle: :scream:

@chordy i think we all went through that to some extent and the only way i can see it affecting you is if your mum was a heroin addict or an alcoholic and you were damaged as a result, babies are quite resilient even tho they need a lot of care and memory doesn’t develop fully until later on, everything is instinctual for a baby and what they want they usually get or its a case of scream the house down which in my case happened frequently but my mother was deaf so she couldn’t hear the screams lol (i call it luck) haha anyway i don’t think i’d blame that on my mental health problems as she did her best.

daydreamer, you’re a true daydreamer. It was in my mother’s body language that she didn’t do baby care well. A lot of screaming babies get violently told to shut up.

When I was 11 years old… I took care of my kid sister. I fed her and diaper changed and dressed her. Mom and Dad both work and there are 5 of us. So I would take care of my sis.

Last year one of my sister’s friend left her baby with us for a while and ran away. I got to take care of baby Sadie for a while. Until my sis found her friend’s Aunt and gave the baby back to her family.

My niece and nephew are starting to leave toddlerhood now… but I got to enjoy having them around when they were babies.

Cousins my age are having babies, my sister does baby sit… there have always been a lot of babies in my life. I really think they are cool. I get a bit amazed by them. I love watching them figure stuff out… and the faces they make when they get to try new food… I really do like babies.


at least you weren’t shaken like i seen on tv once, no broken bones, that can kill you you know

I think I ate my willpower :frowning:


dark sith thinks to himself and starts writing…
note to self…do not swallow own brain…!?!
take care

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I swallowed the key.

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