It's no good xxxx

Not in so many words, but my pdoc thinks I’m turning manic.

She said she sees this in patients who are highly motivated and do lots of things all day, and also don’t sleep at night, or have bad insomnia.

Geez. I’m not manic! I’m not sick. This is the real me now.

She won’t lower my meds, doesn’t want to change anything, even after me saying I’m hearing of lots of my clients who took these psych meds for years, and they didn’t make it to see 60.

yeah. She is glad I’m not as paranoid. I guess.

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Did your doctor factor in the notion that many of us are restless and seeking creative outlets while in isolation?

We’re all trying to fill up our day by being busier aren’t we?

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Yeah, that’s true, Patrick.

I suppose I’m still dreaming about ever getting off these meds.

I’m 50. I’ve already seen the worst of it.

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Now I feel like drinking. And my daughter just told me she’s had my emails blocked for a long time, and I keep forgetting about that. Yeah, in my new life, I guess I did forget that, Beth

this Friday, the 10th, will be 2 months no beer.

It’s changed everything.


That’s amazing! Congratulations @Daze

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Good job on not drinking!

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Congratulations on quitting, @Daze. I know it’s hard to quit something. Very brave and strong of you.

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Kudos for not drinking beer.

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