It's my 4th week without ablify

And I still feel GOOD.
I noticed some strange things… my sexual apetite lowered, my sleep became better and shaking hands are less noticeable.
So ablify definitely affected me in some or other way.
Overall, probably no need to repeat, but my health is good last weeks. I thought that tapering ablify will make me less active - but in fact it’s the opposite. I feel as energetic as never. :face_with_peeking_eye::sunglasses:

** add. Vraylar seems to have zero side effects. But maybe I am just not noticing it. Though with ablify I was sure it causes only shaking hands.


Sounds promising. Maybe this is a good setup for you in the long run :slightly_smiling_face:

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For me it too sounds promising!
I really hope so. :blush: I know it sounds a bit weird, but I believe less meds ar better for overall physical health.


I totally agree. The less meds the better health, opting for the minimal effective dose.

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you will soon be beyond asking anymore and follow your delusions into a paranoid, terrified state if off the meds long enough…tell your pdoc what you are doing…this is not good that you stopped…not at all.

Why you think I stopped without my pdoc reccomemdation?
To add, I am on vraylar now.
You shouldn’t jump to conclusions so fast… @jukebox