Not wanting to eat

As some of you know I’m on Geodon twice daily during breakfast and dinner, lately I haven’t wanted to eat during breakfast and dinner but I’ve been force feeding myself, my mom has suggested eating toast (gluten free of course) so I eat a little something on my stomach, so tonight I ate toast… Didn’t want it but I gotta eat


How many calories do you have to take with Geodon. Is toast enough?

@everhopeful it’s 80 calories per slice and I only ate one… Mom said they say to eat something because otherwise it’ll upset your stomach

Google says :

Ziprasidone is usually taken 2 times per day with food (at least 500 calories ). Typically patients begin at a low dose of medicine and the dose is increased slowly over several weeks.

80 calories isn’t enough.

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@everhopeful I can’t stand to eat anymore… I almost up chucked the toast

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I heard you need to eat at least 500 calories with your Geodon, or something like that. @ninjastar would know.

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@Leaf does it really matter if I can’t stand to shove that many calories down my throat? I feel… Sick when I put food in my mouth during breakfast and dinner… Lunch I’m fine the others are becoming a problem

I don’t think geodon gets into your system unless you take 500 calories. It’s not just a matter of an upset stomach.

@everhopeful I still can’t stand to eat much during those times

I’m sorry this is happening to you. You must be really upset.

Maybe you can find something calorie dense.

Check out these ideas :

Like a bagel with cream cheese is 500 calories.

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No, @Twialine, that’s not why they say to eat with Geodon. I take Geodon too and you are supposed to eat with Geodon, at least 450 calories, because Geodon works better if taken with a meal.

@everhopeful @SkinnyMe and @Leaf maybe I can choke down some peanut butter… The thought of eating makes me feel a little sick


Geodon is not going to kill you if you don’t eat with it. The Geodon just won’t work as well.

I’m a little worried about it. Haven’t you been having other troubles with your digestive system?

@Leaf yes, if I eat gluten I get a stomachache and the runs

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Do you have an appointment with the dr set up?

@Leaf I already saw the doctor they said they think it’s celiac but couldn’t do the test for it since my Medicaid ran out of tests I can do

Oh no, that’s terrible

@Leaf @everhopeful and @SkinnyMe
So y’all don’t worry I’m eating this