Geodon question (food question)

Hello everyone! I hope all of you have been doing well! I have been going through too much the past few months what with changing jobs, not getting use to new medication, might have a new family member, and a bunch of other things!

So, I started I Vega on April and from 30lbs weight gain and going through 2 different doctors that wouldn’t listen I am now seeing a doctor who is prescribing me geodon. I haven’t taken it in years and I never took it with food. I have been reading on here that not only does it absorb better but also lasts longer with food. I don’t know if that is applicable to me since my fat cells have increased substantially, but I just had a few food questions…

Do any of you take geodon without food and it is still effective?
Have any of you had to eat food with this medication at first then did not have to?

I know 350 calories is the minimum you can invest with geodon but…

Can it be purely fat content?
Can it be purely sugar content?
Do I need to eat a full course meal in the morning with this medication?

I’m asking this because me gaining 30lbs more in just 3 months is too much for me. So… I’m also wondering if even IF I HAVE to eat a 1000 calorie meal with this medication, especially with how much fat I’ve gained, would I possibly gain more weight?

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I took geodon all at night with my dinner. It would then knock me out about bed time. If you have to take it in the morning I reccommend counting calories or having like a protein shake so that you don’t overdo it with the food. I didn’t gain weight with geodon. I gained weight on my current two antipsychotics but have since lost it with calorie counting.

I take Geodon twice a day. I always take the evening dose after dinner but usually the morning dose is on an empty stomach. It’s still effective.

I split my dose into morning meal and evening meal. Morning meal is with a piece of toast. Evening meal is substantial. The piece of toast is, say, 190 calories with jam and coffee and cream, but it does it for me.

I’ve taken Geodon for over a decade. I try to get a 500 calorie meal when I take it. I have gained weight while I was on Geodon, but I don’t think that drug is the reason for the weight gain. I have an innate inclination to overeat.

The studies say you need to take it with at least 500 calories. If I ever take it on less than that, it makes me dizzy.

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I’m only taking 10mg and I’m on a calorie restricted diet. My hunger is manageable in the mornings, but not the evening, so that’s when I reserve the bulk of my calories for. (I have the issue of never feeling sated but there are times of day when I manage it better.)

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Thank you all for your reply! My doctor has me on 80mg in the morning and 80mg in the evening, so… I guess I will try out a protein shake in the morning and eating in the evening. It’s just, is eating only for the withdrawal effects? I mean, would I still feel really sleepy even after eating and taking the med?

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Yes the meds will make you sleepy during the day for awhile. It went away for me but I switched anyways to taking it all at night because I wanted better sleep.

I really hope you are right about getting use to being tired. I can’t afford to sleep all day.

If you don’t take it with at least 500 calories, it doesn’t properly absorb into your body.