How do you plan meals for Geodon + Latuda

I been eating oatmeal and yogurt - bought in bulk - having to eat it twice a day - im getting sick of it.

How do you guys deal with the meal requirement.
I don’t want to have to plan different meals.

Anyone think ensure plus will work as its 350 calories?


I used ensure with my latuda while I was on that. Seemed to work. It would make me anxious after taking it so I would take it right before going to sleep.

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Use a calorie counter app like lifeSum and a weight machine at home to accurate get your calories count to a daily minimum while eating high fibre food and not only yoghurts

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Thanks. I think an app can help me figure out what adds up to 350 calories. Ready for a change.

How do you plan meals for Geodon and Latuda?

Ask them what they like to eat!

(rim shot)

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Thanks @Patrick
I don’t have a sense of humor but i got that one.

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I have also noticed that I don’t feel well after I’ve taken my medication.

That’s why I’m in bed 5 pm because I don’t want to be awake because the medication and how I feel right after I’ve taken it.

I only take latuda once a day at dinner time.
I just guess that I’ve got enough calories.
I don’t know for sure.

I do best when I wake at 4 a.m. and don’t nap, have dinner at five, lie in bed by seven and sleep, get up by ten, eat a bowl of cereal and take my Latuda then go back to sleep. I also feel bad for a couple of hours after taking Latuda if I’m not in bed. I mean it hits me two hours after I take it then I rest two hours and it passes, if I’m not sleeping through the night, like on days I nap from not sleeping through the night.

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That’s what I take too. I take them after dinner together so don’t really plan anything but I have to take Geodon when I wake up too but I don’t really eat breakfast. Maybe just a snack.

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My experience with Geodon is that it doesn’t work at all when taking it without food.

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