Its great when you have a good day

dont you just love it when you have a really good day?

i think things are on the up :smirk: :sunglasses: :relieved: :sleeping:


good on you :heart:
take care :alien:

The first day of August, for me, was really good. The past several days have been “neutral” otherwise. Definitely looking forward to a good day, though every night is usually filled to the brim with good dreaming. Doesn’t last, though. :hatching_chick:

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yeah, i love a good sleep and a good dream especially if its about my dad and childhood,

but as i wrote this thread in school and work category (idk how i did that) i’ll tell you why it was a great day in that regard…

i had college and it only take 15 mins to get there and so i turned up and i didnt need to do numeracy bc i had done it before lv 5 but i thought it was the next level but it wasnt :slight_smile: but thats not the only thing i was happy about, my tutor was on jury duty and couldnt make it and there was no fill in for her so we were told to just go home (but again that was good but not the main reason i had a good day)

well i went to student services about travel expenses and i got an email and instructions for a password and how to use it, so i got home and opened my email and followed the instructions, i checked all the boxes and filled in all my details and it looks like i will be entitled to an extra £60 a month for travel :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

and that is one of the main reasons i was happy,

also, idk if i told anybody but i started a bnb service and i had some guests staying, they were unhappy they didnt have the keys so one of them suggested i get a lock for my living room door which was a great idea bc all my valuables are in there (my vinyl and documents, macbook etc) so i fitted a bolt lock with a padlock and key and gave the guests a spare set of keys.(minus padlock key) so we can all have some freedom.

i also put an advert in a local shop window nearby and i am hoping someone might see it and contact my listing for bikes and accommodation.

its all going pretty good and my support worker is helping me with it,

just this anxiety problem that has been affecting me, i am hoping an extra 50mg amisulpride on top of the 100mg twice a day will help (even though i have been advised against it) but i needed to try something.

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You’re doing exceptionally well. You’re an inspiration.

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thanks @everhopeful things are looking up, i think i’ve got a hold of my anxiety but my eyes have been more sensitive today and i have been a bit more drowsy but my anxiety has lessened, thanks for saying i am an inspiration i really appreciate that xxx

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