Update on work

Some of you guys might remember my post about my janitor job. A month ago a pipe burst and flooded my bosses house so he left me in charge while he took care of the problem. Well, his house is still being repaired; he had to move EVERYTHING out of his house to replace the carpeting and he even has to tear down some walls that got damaged. I’m still in charge. I have had only one minor complaint from the person inside this Army Reserve building who is in charge of us and the problem was quickly taken care of. My boss has managed to come in for a few hours this past week, and I have to do what he says but I am basically still in charge of the crew. But the best part was yesterday. Right when I was punching out for the day, he told me that I am doing a good job. It really made me feel good. He might be gone another two or three weeks.


good on you, i mean you suffer from sz yet you can do all this, and i was very impressed when the bomb scare occured, that is pretty amazing.
take care

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Thanks darksith…

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