A little update about work

Going on my third week of being boss at my janitor job. No major crises, no major complaints from anyone. In fact the real boss showed up today in between fixing his house and at the end of the day before I left he told me I was doing a good job and he thanked me!! He told me he will be gone for three more weeks.


Great job your doing, Nick!
Keep it up and your boss just might retire and keep you on as permanent boss.


In light of your performance filling in for your boss, if he’s a decent human being, he may offer you a raise or other incentives. Maybe, maybe not, but here’s to hoping!

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yes tell that man to buy you a holiday!

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What’s really good is that you didn’t freak out at the idea of a little responsibility and need to have authority.

That is great. You’re in a good spot. I wish you well on your other endeavors too.

Thank you to everybody. Janitorial work is not that bad. At this job it doesn’t take strength like a lot of other jobs I’ve had. Or you don’t have to be particularly smart. I just have to be on time and do my job competently. There is very little competition, I am around the people in an office building but I do my work by myself. I don’t want to make it sound like it’s TOO easy. I mean I work at an army reserve base. The soldiers are mostly cool but sometimes they can be jerks. But I probably act like a jerk sometimes too. After all, a lot of them are in their twenties and can be deployed any day. I see the same people every day I work but then one day they’re gone and don’t comeback for a year.It’s none of my business but if I talk to them they will sometimes tell me they were in Kuwait or Iraq. So they don’t have time to be nice and polite. But most of them are, anyway. Anyway, thanks for the replies.

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Wow Nick amazing job keep going :smile:

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