Its gonna be a long day

My mom was up till midnight listening to opera. I could hear everything. I was overthinking anyway so i wouldnt have slept. I finally fell asleep after the music stopped. But darn if you wouldnt know it. I woke up at 2:30am for the third day in a row. I chewed tobacco. Closed my eyes for a bit. Let the dog out. Pee’d. Came back in closed my eyes again but my mind was awake. So i plugged in the headphones and listened tl the beatles for a couple hours. I got up at 4. Had a cup of coffee. Went back to bed. Got up at 5. Had another cup of coffee. Went back to bed and finally slept for an hour. 3 hours of sleep…luckily my dad is going pheasant hunting today. Im going to be grumpy so im happy i will be home alone.


I can relate a lot to what you’ve said

With like ur mind racing or having so many thoughts while trying to go to sleep

Also with the noise keeping you up, my neighbors won’t let me sleep

Idk what to do about the thoughts but maybe try to just let them happen but don’t respond to them, just let them pass like clouds in the sky

Anyway sorry about ur night


Thanks. Some nights i just cant stop thinking. Its frustrating. I even think “stop thinking, just go to sleep.”


I get this aswell especially when psychotic. It is as if our brain is in half lock down during the day. Then at night the doors slowly get opened and so many thoughts come pouring through, bizarre mostly. As if I am dreaming, but awake. It is really disturbing because it is something I’m not able to control in the night. What on earth is that.

I hope you get more sleep tonight. Maybe check not to drink too much coffee

I generally only have two cups kf coffee in the AM.

But yes. Mind awake at night is so annoying. Im braindead all day then night comes around and i want to think.

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