Thinking things that don’t make sense till I open my eyes in the morning

Does this happen to anyone else :grin:


Sometimes daylight brings things into focus for me, particularly if I have been up the night before ruminating about something.


I used to get this more extremely than I do now. But it’s like there’s all weird uncontrolled thoughts running around in my head. Or weird dreams. Then as soon as I open my eyes, normality comes back… Phew.


My wife disturbs me in the morning as she gets ready for work. Then I spend the next few hours having crazy vivid dreams that are always unpleasant. I have a hard time thinking too - it’s like my brain is turned off and I’m just operating. I try to take my meds within 5 minutes of waking up. Nothing like a neuroleptic first thing in the morning to get a schizophrenic going. :smiley:

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How long has this been happening to you??

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It was for a year. Roughly. But it’s gone very mild now. Unless I’m more stressed than usual

I get the reverse thing. Thinking half asleep thoughts that make no sense upon awakening.

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