It's funny how people are blaming others for their recovery and illness

Like those people who took weed and went psychotic then blame schizophrenia for hindering their life or the negative symptoms , or those people on high dose of antipsychotics who refuse to switch to a lower calories per 100g diet or exercise regularly then blame the medication or doctor like one of my friend

You know even if the antipsychotic does not exist, you would still be leading a unhealthy lifestyle which leads to a unhealthy body right

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I don’t blame anyone for illness. And I don’t blame it on drugs either. I think my illness was mostly from getting any unlucky gene combination. As far as weight goes, I was a healthy bmi before Invega, so yes, I do partially blame the medication for weight gain. I have started to lose a little bit of weight since switching to Abilify, controlling my portions and exercising, but its a long road.

I think that you are being a little unfair to some people though, negative symptoms are very real and do hinder peoples progress towards their weight goals.

As for people who believe their disease was caused by marijuana use, I think it’s ok for them to be bitter over getting schizophrenia. Everybody makes mistakes in their life.


Agreed, @bowens.

Imma also add that yes, I am bitter as fuuck about antipsychotics, weight gain, and not being able to enjoy the head change that weed brings.

I used to weigh 106 lbs soaking wet before APs.

Now my metabolism is shot after Zyprexa.

And damn, I’d really just like to smoke a joint and chill to some tunes in peace without losing my shiit each time.

…Ain’t nobody blaming nobody, though.


Oh, being a chubster is my fault, but it’s not easy to lose weight when you’ve got health conditions that work against it.


Totally agree with you, @velociraptor

The medication doesn’t exactly help us in the fight to maintain a healthy weight


No one needs to blame anyone. Just take care of your business.

Ultimately it is my responsibility I see that

But I also see how my parents parenting styles factored in. But I also understand that they trying their best thou.

My lifestyle was the exact same pre/post medication Before medication I was in great shape. It was only when I started the medication did I become fat and my blood results went to sh*t. I was really unhealthy for 17 years because of med side effects, not because of my lifestyle, I quit smoking 13 years ago, exercised, improved diet and didn’t get any heather or lose any weight, then I switched meds and the weight just melted away on its own, and my blood results are perfect now without any changes to my diet or exercise. I blame my old meds because it was my old meds. Olanzapine is known for packing on the pounds and causing metabolic side effects.

I don’t blame anyone or anything for my schizophrenia…I don’t know why I developed it but I did so I deal with it. I haven’t had a drink or smoked weed in years.


When you don’t realize what you’re doing, blame doesn’t work anyway.

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For me it doesn’t really matter who or how or why. This is how I am right now. If it was drugs, I took them totally by my own decision, no peer pressure or any of that dreck. And it doesn’t matter anyway, that’s like 40 yrs ago. This is the me that I am right now.

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It is the meds, meds make you hungry and crave carbs like mad. I tried a low carb diet I got low blood sugar symptoms so stopped. I read a study about how APs mess up the pancreas and make us diabetic and crave carbs. Its #1 reason why my pancreas liver Dr told my psychiatrist to get me off Zyprexa. He literally told me its my Zyprexa making me diabetic, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.


You can crave carbs, you can be hungrier but you still have a choice to eat a healthier diet to at least manage your health, when I was on risperidone 6 mg I was 95kg but I managed to eat healthy and exercise, my friend on clozapine does the same, the meds might make you obese but you can choose what you eat and not eat nuts,snacks like what my friend does every day and she blame everyone except herself

So what do you suggest for people who are limited in their exercise ability?

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Why are they limited in their exercise ability? Because of negative symptoms? Prognosis for schizophrenia states that those who took drugs ends up being worse off than those who don’t , so chances are they got what they deserved from screwing with their own body to begin with.

If they happen to be the unlucky few who have it due to genetics, not much we can do about it anyway

In my case I was born with my heart backwards in my chest. My circulation goes through it the wrong way. It also has other … issues. I have substantially less oxygenation capacity than my fellow man. I am under doctors orders not to do heavy aerobics or run, like, ever.

This makes losing weight more challenging.


If you could provide some sources, that would help your argument.

Also, I find your attitude to be one of condescension, dimissal, and general lack of empathy towards others.

…Very uncool.


you know, you’re sounding like there should be ‘shame’

and not ‘blame’

you should read female poets on that word,


Medication… It really is. For me.


I was 11 years old when people in my community gave me weed. Not sure about this where you are, but that is not cool

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