It's funny how people are blaming others for their recovery and illness

I got offered cigarettes at the age of 9 and I know it brings harm to my body because I was consistently taught by my teachers that cigarettes, drugs and alcohol is harmful to your body so I rejected them, don’t your primary school teachers teach you those?

I don’t emphathise with people who chose to make mistakes that have consequences for the rest of their life , it makes people like me with the unexpected illness feel like a joke

There is something others do, inflects upon ourselves, that make us feel that we are the ones in the wrong.

Well, I’m trying to quit drinking and smoking, but there is no shame in failing.

I’m trying to be stable on meds and working, but there is no shame in failing.

I got a major mental illness, that’s why they give me money.

Yep but I thought I was cool

I used to blame my former employer for causing psychosis, but now I realize if it wasn’t work-related stress it would have been something else. A normal life wasn’t in the cards for me.

Is it funny though?

I blame my parents. They did the best they could. But it’s hard to blame anyone else for ■■■■ that happened to me when I was three.

I used to blame myself for a lot, and that got me nowhere fast. Now I take responsibility for myself, but put the blame where it belongs.

And you know what? I was mentally ill a long time before I ever touched drugs. Medications do get over prescribed, and they do come with side effects that often aren’t explained properly.

None of this was or is funny.

Diet alone won’t really make you lose weight, I tried it, you need exercise too.

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On Abilify I was 100lb less and ate more than now on 6mg Risperdal because my negative symptoms were a lot better and was going to the gym 1-2hrs and hanging out with friends everyday. I was 80kg on Abilify 5ft10. You’re basically saying negative symptoms don’t exist which is completely false.

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SZ is always unexpected:

Genetics is a crapshoot at best.

Illicit substances don’t always lead to SZ.

Trauma doesn’t always cause it.

Are you suggesting your schizophrenia merits better treatment and understanding over someone who used illicit substances and subsequently developed the illness?

We’re in this boat together dude.

You better grab your own life jacket though.


I blame people. People have done illegal things to me, probably my whole life, because they didn’t want me to be successful. I think they’re greedy, lying, pigs.

I wasn’t talking about just losing weight, I was talking about leading an unhealthy lifestyle by having a bad diet.

Sure you might still be obese but if you have a healthy diet consistently, your blood glucose ,cholesterol, blood pressure will at least be manageable

It’s not unexpected when you take illicit drugs, it has been proven to cause schizophrenia.

If your case is caused by genetics or you get it unexpectedly without taking any illicit drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, you are really unfortunate and I emphathise with those people

That is so harsh

People do take drugs sometimes without even knowing that they can trigger psychosis, seriously.

For example, me I did mdma.

It was without knowing it could perhaps have triggered the psychosis.

People don’t know everything you know


Not when I was in primary school, all adults seemed to smoke and drink back then - it was normal. My mom and her boyfriend kindly introduced me to booze and what I suspect was methaqualone at the age of five


People often turn to drugs in the first place because of hardships. My illness arose “naturally” but I empathize with all who suffer like I do.


Oy vey.




Wow I’m amazed and sorry for you, I’ve never heard of that. And you keep soldiering on, you are strong, be proud of yourself!!

I don’t really agree with anything you said, I know some people blame it on different things and i mean we all have our triggers, some of us are lucky enough to be able to pinpoint the exact point when they started getting unwell, i can but there is no blame, bc it wasn’t really anybody’s fault, like nobody wanted me to get ill like that, i think there are some evil forces at work though maybe i blame that but that is just the nature of the beast as well and that darkness just wants to consume as much as it can and take away the light of the world.

Meds are chemicals and they affect a lot of things which can affect lifestyle like if you are sedated and tired a lot then you probably wont exercise a lot and put weight on that way as well

last point, if antipsychotic didnt exist idk if i would be able to function any, we’d all probably be locked up in asylums pulling our hair out :frowning:

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I took marijuana. It led me to schizophrenia.

True story


I had some as well and it didnt help but i stopped very quickly bc i realised that it was bad for me and it was affecting my thinking, i also hated the smell and taste and everything about it anyway, i would have been much worse if i carried on taking it

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