It's been no bed of roses

What would you do for a better life?

I can’t even take a bath and shave.

I would if I was forced to.

What about people close to you, how do they treat you?

What, is it a curse?


I just took a bath and I shaved yesterday. Can’t complain.
Many people with whom I was once in touch have become distant. Maybe the illness took away my sense of humor which used to attract people like a lightbulb attracts fireflies :grin:

I bath and shave my face on a regular basis. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My family is very tight knit. I have a very good support system. It has taken me a while to build one, though.

I shower and shave twice a week but only cause I’m forced to

I know what to mean. My hair is so greasy and my leg hair is pathetic.

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Hey I don’t shower and change everyday. I haven’t shaved in months.

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