Its been awhile!

I know a couple of people know me on this site. I have not posted in quite awhile, but I drop in now and again to see whats up. I am still doing quite well. Have a great support team which helps a lot. I cannot believe how far I have come since I was diagnosed back in 2002. Especially in the past two years, my wellbeing has improved so much. My life is so much better and balanced and I am so grateful. Just wanted to say hello and ask how others are doing?


wow, @Rayne so glad to see you posting !! I wondered what happened to you. Do you still live with your daughter? I am divorced now and live with my girlfriend back in Oklahoma.

Hi Jukebox! My daughter is moving out at the end of this month. Things are changing so much but its all for the better. How are you doing?

wow is real you!

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I am having a bit of health scare right now. I go in for an echocardiogram in two wednesdays. I’ve already had a stress test and a 24 hour heart monitor done. I guess they just want to be sure I don’t have heart disease. I am trying to stop smoking. I got to day 2 today and broke down. I am stopping smoking yet again tomorrow. I just can’t quit trying to stop. It is so good to hear from you. I remember you used to have trouble being and staying stable. do you feel stable again now?

Yes I am doing ok now I am pleased to say.i hope everything goes ok for you in your health.

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Man that is hard all that stress when my granddady was doing the same, we would walk the fields were he grow up to lessen the stress,

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Hi DrZen so nice to her from you!

what are you taking for home health pills for your heart. to strengthing it ?

Rayne please post about your life’s advancer’s …

no pills yet, brother. I’m hoping that is what they will decide to give me and leave the testing alone after the next two weeks. I am afraid of surgery !!

you know my X is on two meds for her heart and she dose well

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Hi DrZen. Medications and therapy are what has made this possible for me. I found the right medications and the right therapists and psychiatrist. Sleep is still a bit of an issue though

all most want to through a party now that your here Rayne

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hahaha thanks DrZen a party sound great as perhaps I feel a little lonely tonight

I call it my 6 2 4 sleep patron. whats your look like

lets get a pizza and start this thing…

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I take sleeping pills puts me to sleep ok but I don’t stay asleep. I need 9 hours of sleep to feel good. sometimes I can work it out if I have nowhere to be and I can go back to sleep. but some days I have commitments and cant do that. lately I have been having anxiety so maybe that’s affecting things and I have been sick

pizza sounds great. how I wish we could sit around and have pizza and pop it would be so great to meet you :slight_smile:

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some times is not us but the people around us why we cant sleep right, like kids you sleep when they do or get none. or family with job hours etc