It's all about lifestyle changes

I’m done obsessing over weight loss. It isn’t healthy and studies have shown that fixating on weight loss and dieting tend to actually make you GAIN weight. My new goal is to live a healthier life. If weight loss is a side effect of that, cool. If not, fine. Furthermore I’m going to follow research in improving my lifestyle. The science backed way to make lifestyle changes that stick is to make little changes one at a time. My first goal is to cook myself 1 nutritious meal a day. Admittedly I have been struggling with that, but its a process and that is ok. I’m done constantly criticizing myself and beating myself up for not accomplishing these things on the first try. Changing your lifestyle is hard and takes time and im going to be patient and compassionate with myself about it.

That’s all.


I often try to accomplish things in little cycles. Toward the end of each cycle, if I was successful, I try to give myself a little reinforcement (reward) of some kind. Maybe that sort of thing could help you to not get frustrated with doing the whole thing at once.

Weight loss could be like a week long cycle, so maybe that isn’t a good metric. Cooking a nutritious meal? That does seem more realistic.

Merely a thought.

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Hi, @Anna I deleted my response in the other thread because I would basically be repeating myself. You’re right, it is all about lifestyle changes. I think one of the biggest reasons people fail “diets” is because they view them as temporary. Anecdotally I believe that is why I failed many times. I always went in with this naive attitude I wouldn’t admit to myself that if I get fit then I can enjoy endless fast food and DQ blizzards. I viewed dieting as a means to an end, and I realize that was wrong. I’m tackling my addiction to food and coming to terms that I would rather be healthy and eat clean than tired and eat whatever I want.

I’ve noticed in the last two weeks of just cutting out most processed foods that I have gotten better with my depression, sleep, bathroom habits, and over all cognitive functioning. I’m actually enjoying my eating habits more due to feeling better. The food also tastes great, just in a different way. I’ve lost a few pounds, and it doesn’t really bother me because my focus is also on being healthy. If weight loss happens as a result then that’s great, but I’m viewing it as a bonus instead of making it my main goal.

Its an awesome goal to start by making one nutritious meal a day! That is a huge first step and lays the foundation for success.

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I’m great with my exercise and eating well but my downfall has been beer. Even a couple a day I have found isn’t good. It affects me measurably when it comes to things like heart rate and I’ve only lost by not drinking. Booze is just empty calories and a good reason I’m losing now is losing the alcohol.


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