It's a constant daily battle to have the drive and motivation to do simple things

Always so tempting to let things slide. It takes so much effort not to. Life can be mentally exhausting.


Absolutely. I am battling so much against negative symptoms.


Hey I’m in the same boat too right now. Having a checklist app with easy easy tasks is helping me a bit to get on track. Got a few things done today

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I feel the same way you do. Negative symptoms are a bummer.

I get little to no pleasure from life anymore. Unsure how much is from meds like antipsychotics. It really sucks.

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Having negative symptoms at my job is tough. I never want to do any work. But I do it and it’s exhausting.

Because I use all my energy to push myself at work, I do almost nothing for myself outside of work. I don’t cook or clean or get things done that need to be done.

I’m a mess. I wish I had my motivation back.

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Have you tried any supplements @firemonkey ?

Never tried supplements.Wary about sarcosine due to the link with prostate abnormalities.

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I know how you feel.
I don’t have the drive to do much.

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But you must do a lot, @Wave, taking care of both your mom and your dad.

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Yes this is true @SkinnyMe.
I do a lot for my Mom especially.
Thanks for noticing.

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Like me for instance. I do a lot playing piano, doing yoga, praying, reading, meditating, cooking, caring for my cat, volunteering, going to religious services, etc… People tell me that is a lot and that they are impressed with me.

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I have a lot of motivation, but the level of energy is low.
I have to be very economical with what I do.

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I’m just eccentric and take baths once a week and sleep in my clothes. I don’t know if that is negative symptoms or just my eccentricity.

Tell me about it. That’s me all over.

I used to be like that at my old address when there was no one to chase me up if I got into bad ways . Also used to wear clothes for days on end.

Nowadays I know my stepdaughter will be round every few days and would read the riot act if it was obvious I had not washed and changed in between her visits.

The truth is when you let things slide you get used to the way you look and smell whereas other people pick upon it . My stepdaughter was very blunt in pushing the need to change and wash regularly or else, as she put it, I’d stink.

So I do it but each day I think “Oh no,not this again”. I 'd gladly welcome self changing/washing clothes and a self cleaning body.

I do think it helps to have someone keep us on our toes and to push us because they care about us/love us.

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@firemonkey, thanks for responding to my post.
I guess no one loves me or cares enough about me to get on my case about bathing or changing my clothes. But I’m so glad about that. I would hate to have people around nagging me every day.

I can relate so well to this. This is exactly what I think when it comes to bathing or showering.

Currently sitting here reminding myself I can’t call in sick and have to go in to work today.


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No drive, no motivation, no creative spark, no life zest… I walk through life completely empty of those things i took for granted before illness.

People around me help somewhat, because they push and pull me to do little things like hygiene. When i lived in isolation i sometimes managed to go without bath for 10 days, at least once even longer.

And I hope a SNRI duloxetine will help too.

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