Its 4/20!?

did anyone smoke???

i haven’t smoked since july 13th 2014 and am keeping it that way.

if there was any day i was gonna smoke it was gonna be today but decided to abstain.

great day to have a couple beers though…nothing too crazy. i’ve been having 3-4 beers 2x per week but nothing more than that and am very very content…


If this was 4, 5, 6 years ago, i would be high all day. probably fall asleep by 5 pm…

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I haven’t had an idea what is 4/20.
You people always teach me something new.


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With that mentality you could never realize the benefits of cannabis use. Very useful drug. But I can’t do it anymore.

Recovery of drugs is not about regrets but moreso about “I can’t do this anymore”. Cannabis is very useful. You should have that mentality not your current.

4/20 is international pot smoking day @sarad

It useful when used appropriately not when abused

I knew it had something with the cultural history.

:balloon: Did you celebrate? :balloon:

You’re all a bunch of second generation hippies.


Im not saying any sz people should do it and most should never even experiment with it.

Having said that YES im medicated.

or third generation beatniks.

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Yep. I’m smoking up right now…

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Would love to be able to smoke again but it just destroys and walls against the bad things I have managed to build.

I can’t smoke. It makes me freak out about mortality. It’s not the idea about mortality or anything. I look down at my dying body and freak out about being rotting suffering tubes in a warring hellhole that doesn’t care about me.

I realize deeply what it’s like to have your skull split in half or your organs removed in a surgery.

I can’t smoke, When i do it’s intense and scary. I know when i smoke that my skull can be penetrated repeatedly by a hammer or my throat can be cut, it’s less intense when i don’t smoke.

It does bad things to me when i smoke, it’s scary.

Did you know that 420 originates with some kids who would sneak out and smoke? They knew the grateful dead somehow and then it spread and spread and spread. So it was some kids and the grateful dead that created 420.

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yes, I smoked yesterday. It was fun…I hardly do it anymore but I wanted to celebrate with my nephews at OU. fun times…