Good report!

i was seeing my p/doc today,

its always good to give him a good report :slight_smile:

love telling him all the good things i have been doing despite this illness :+1:

i must have got a gold star :star2:


That’s awesome man. You seem well. Very much focused on real life and not this illness.

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Good going! Keep on truckin’!

thats what you need to do man, you said it

focus on anything but this illness, this illness is a drag, pulls you down :frowning:

we need to break the chains, let loose our bonds and fight this illness, with meds and anything else that might help x use every tool in the box, anything that will help x

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that’s awesome daydreamer…I feel good today, but then again it’s 4/20 haha…good for you !!


That is so wonderful. Keep doing what makes your life wholesome, good, happy, and content!

Changing the subject briefly - What’s 4/20?

4/20 is slang for the wicked bush.

In another thread they said it was pot (wicked bush?) smoking day.

Yeah they are correct.