It won't be long now

Yosemite also know as Yo Yo. is 11 now. That is old for a Great Dane. His days are short. And I can see it coming very soon when I will have to make that call.
We have had a wonderful 11 years together, hiking, swimming and canoeing. He would also go to the nursing home.
I will miss him. But when the time come I will do what I have to do.
I love that dog.


I have three dogs,

One of them is getting older and it shows.

Its the hard part of being a pet owner, but worth it.

I love my dogs too.


I am so sorry! I’m not ready for that with my dog at all. He’s 8 but he has grand mal seizures and may not live as long as other Shih Tsu’s. I give him medicine though so he has them less frequently now.

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I just tried to get him to go outside for a little bit. No go he just wants to lay there. It is to much effort to get up.

It’s so hard to let your beloved pet go. They are children really to their loved ones.Not just a pet.


You made me tear up @Ridgerunner.
Dogs are like our children.
It’s hard to let go.


Got back from 4H dog club. Yosemite was still where I left him. Had too help him up twice before I could get him outside. Seem a little better once he was outside. Walk around the house once then we came in and he ate a little bite, then he laid down again.


My last husky lived over 15 years. She had bad hips. We got another year out of her walking with laser therapy. She spent half her life on meds for it. Had spurs in her spine. The vet showed me the xrays. They were bad. I used to run miles and miles with her. Felt bad about it when I saw the xrays.

It was $6000 for new hips. I was tempted. She just couldn’t walk anymore in the end.

Putting her down was hard.

I hope your Great Dane has several more years with you.

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