Maybe a new pet

My 15 year old wolf hybrid died this past summer. Going to look at a 10 week old white husky puppy tomorrow with blue eyes. If he likes me I will take him home with me. I went and looked at another wolf hybrid a couple months ago and she didn’t warm up to me so I didn’t get her

I think I will call him Max


Hope it works out for you @TomCat :slight_smile:

Animals are awesome!!!

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My last wolf hybrid died in the spring of 2007. I bury her next to her brother. The state had may it harder to own a wolf hybrid. They had put up a lot of hoops you have to jump through. A little more that a year later, I got Yosemite my Great Dane. When he is gone I will get another Great Dane. No more wolf hybrid for me. But they are great animals to have.


Animals know humans best. Your a good man @Ridgerunner, any animal is lucky to have you!

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My sister has huskies. They’re so beautiful, intelligent, and friendly! Such good dogs. And they are very good listeners.


I went to look at the dog and the lady’s son started crying and she decided not to sell it. So I am still looking

One time here in Oklahoma I came across this guy who had a full blood timber wolf with him as a pet. He said that some things in our modern society spooked him. I’ve heard that it isn’t smart to take wild animals as pets.

I have a black lab and I love him more than anything.

He’s always there to hug and give a kiss on the forehead and lick me back a bunch of times.

I know my mental state would be quite depressed without him.

Dogs rule!!