It was -10 C, I rode my bicycle

I have good winter clothes. Although it was -10 C I rode my bicycle in the snow for three hours. It was not cold at all. I also saw a few Ukrainians, but could not communicate much, because they spoke Ukrainian and Russian. They did not speak any English.


Lucky you sitting in minus temps, it’s so bloody hot here in Cape town it feels like 28C or so

I miss winter :pensive:

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I ride my bicycle everywhere. I have no car.


I do not have a car either. Cycling is very good.

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I had a joke I told to some people. It is warm now. But with good winter clothes it feels warm.

-10C is only 14F for those who don’t know. That’s very cold. I’m glad you have warm enough clothes though

A few years ago I told one person that it is just a matter of attitude to ride when it is winter. I ride my bicycle when it is -20 C or less. Warm and good winter clothes makes all difference. My Soviet army fur hat is very warm when I wear my wool hat under it. :smile:


I would cycle more, but the length of the day is just five hours. :smile:

10 years ago I was in a hiking club. I remember hiking when it was -5F, but I was dressed in a wool coat etc and really enjoyed myself. The snow was so beautiful.

Now, I don’t handle the cold or heat very well

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Hiking is a good hobby. When I lived in GA, USA I used to go hiking often.

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Before I got too paranoid it was something I loved. It was so great and peaceful to be out in nature. Now I’m too afraid to go anywhere alone.

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