It took 13 days

It took 13 days to travel from Miami to my little town in May 2002. I have been here now exactly 20 years. The town has not changed much but unfortunately many people (70) whom I have known have died. I like to ride my bicycle and sit on the park benches. Today there was a younger man sitting on a bench and I wanted to discuss with him. Turned out that he was from Munich, Germany, but he spoke Finnish. I asked if he spoke English and he did and so we spoke English for a while. I rode my bicycle 30 kilometers today. The sun was shining and the signs of summer are obvious, it was +15 C.


I think it’s very healthy that you go out regularly on your bike and make efforts to socialize. Sorry to hear of the loss of your acquaintences and friends. That’s a very unfortunate part of aging.


I’ve been living in my little city since 2013 except for nearly a year from 2013-2014 when I moved back to California. I like my city and my house.


Exercising is good for sz people, the sunshine provides some vitamin D which is needed to counter depression. If I had a car, I would not see people, but when I ride my bicycle I often see some familiar faces. I can also ride to our local MI association facilities. I try to ride over 20 km every day now, because in winter I cycle much less.

How did I travel 13 days from Miami to my little town? I took a flight from Miami to Chicago and then continued to Brussels, Belgium, where I stayed for six days, I also went to Antwerp to reship my car to Helsinki. From Brussels I continued to Helsinki by taking trains and a cruise ship from Stockholm to Helsinki, Finland. I waited in Helsinki nearly five days and then I received my car and after processing the car officially I drove to my little town. It took 13 days.


I’m glad I’m back home now with my dad and stepmom. California was terrible because I lived and slept at missions on skid row in downtown Los Angeles with bad people. I’m much safer now and happier.

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I like your stories, they are interesting. Do you feel home in finnland ? Cause you had different homes. I don’t really feel home here as i grown up in Germany. I still feel like a tourist on a budget holiday here.

I do feel home in Finland. After my return to Finland I have lived over 20 years in my little town. The town is a nice summer town. I rode my bicycle over 20 km today. Yes, I have had different homes, in Finland and in the USA, Now I am going to live in my little town until I die. I like to ride my bicycle and sit on the park benches. I see also people whom I know. Today at a grocery store I met a younger man and we discussed briefly how one of our friends had died in 2006. Today he had visited the grave of this our friend who had died.

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The home i left in 1992 doesn’t exist anymore. It won’t be the same anymore. My parents sold the house i grow up in, but all the landmarks are still there. I don’t know, you make me think going back to the village in Germany. But i don’t know anybody anymore overthere, the elders passed away, as my mother is 85 years old herself. I live here in Western Australia for around 25 years, nearly as long as i lived in Germany.

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