It should be my mantra

I’m not always wrong. I am not causing all the trouble. In public I am not acting crazy. Many other people are. Not all the time, but sometimes. Not everybody else knows what they are doing all the time.They are confused.

It’s scary to realize that strangers don’t know what they are doing. BUT… it’s even scarier to realize that some strangers know EXACTLY what they are doing. And they do it well…

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That’s true what you say about strangers!! Im always avoiding junkies on my walk into town!!

But nick, your other quote from AA I thought was amusing and Im keeping it up my sleeve…You know the one "Don’t quit ten minutes before the miracle happens."

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I’m glad you like it. Have a nice night.

Ever get sick of lawndry stuff you read and post the never end up helping. Or the human need for remain helpless in a frantic world. Magic of find lost love only to reach out to be bitten by dogs of war.fearing only life for it has no boundrys. And making friends you"ll never fisicly meet. Hmmm

Ahhh the street theater clowns. Yeah, blow up that poor little napkin package with that stupid grin. Hate it when the u-turns, gosh darn it, throws y’all into a panty twist. That look of surprise…not on me silly…hehehe.
Like it when I took off walking for hours, how I always refused the water, but expected the single serving cups? Loved the coconut trick, almost as much as I love the inside amigo pushing everything around. Tequila muncho. No no chota wey, no ayuda today. Vamanos a la kama wey,