It’s so boring

Ppl tell me what should I do to make life interesting to me ?

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Hey spooky was up man… are u going out for cycle riding…??? I just came from walk…!!!

I can tell you’re bored :stuck_out_tongue:
Try to do something that interests you, or find new interests.

For an example, I love everything space, so I sometimes watch space documentaries or read articles about space, and the videos lead me to other videos on youtube, and before I know it, I’ve discovered a new interest! … Or youtuber. There seems to be an endless supply of interesting youtubers.

No it’s winter snowing nobycicle ride in winter … I am killed by no motivation to do things

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Thnx berru but I don’t want to do anything except chatting

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Then chat to people about something that interests you :slight_smile:

It’s boring to chat too sorry … I am ■■■■■■■ ridiculous

Think back to when you eere a little kid and the things that interested you then.

Once you do that, look for the more sophisicated version of those same things.


1.I was always wanting to be out doors as a kid. Climbing trees, goofing around with my dads tools in the garage, playing with the dog.

I now still climb, but it is to look for fossils in the walls of creeks.

Unfortunately, dad passed long ago, but left me with a life long very useful gift of knowledge. He was often in the garage with me. I know how to work on cars quite a bit. I avoided spending tons of income on maintenance and repair.I can even build a few things.

As for dogs, I had spent 20+ yrs working with animals in some way or another.

What did you gravitate to when you were little?

Then make the chat interesting! Talk about something, anything.
Ask people questions, listen to their replies, then give them follow-up questions about their replies. Communications is a two-way street, and if one part is bored, they need to do what they can to spice up the conversation.

You seem to be starting a lot of new threads. Why not post in existing ones or hold a conversation with some of the people that reply, like you’re doing with me? :slight_smile:

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