It’s hard to believe I have schizophrenia

What if everything that’s happing actually makes sense what my mind isn’t making it up and society is trying to brain wash me into thinking I’m crazy I really hate that I could be unlocking stuff for my self my mind my body I could be something great with theses powers I hold I feel like spirits are touching me and I know that I will find out what’s going on one day


It’s easy to fall into that trap of believing unbelievable stuff is real when you lack full insight. Are you diagnosed with schizophrenia? If so, it is likely an accurate diagnosis. It took me some time to accept my diagnosis as well.

Antipsychotics brought me out of my psychosis. Have you been prescribed meds?


I’m diagnosed schIzoaffective bipolar type I’m on 10mg of Abilify I think it’s not really doing much yet


Yeah, it can be awhile before you get the full effect from a antipsychotic.

Thanks for your reply. Try to trust your doctors. Give it some time.

I wish you good luck.

Edit: Btw, 10mg of abilify is my prescribed dose as well.

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Gosh I know. Its a difficult thing…lots of people are curious about stretching limits…but there is no limit, and the realm of delusion isnt the best place to be. I have been thinking a lot on the topic of consciousness, and whether or not my dreams are worth exploring…it can be fun to dream of flying but it becomes an obsession, and an attachment I mean could become or did for me. in the buddhist sense, like something like an addiction or habit of de-realization–or fantasy stuff…at some point u are exhausted.


Sz is certainly a lifetask. Maybe you do something great someday, who knows? Don’t stop dreaming.


I refuse to believe I have schizophrenia, but then again I’m not on any antipsychotic medication. But I do find that shrinks like to be humoured by their patients.

Hello @Sis_Spamzalot

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I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2004. It’s a hard diagnosis to accept. It hit me hard.

As for meds, I’ve tried several. Some have side effects, some don’t work, some do work. They effect everyone differently so it is a bit of trial and error until you find the right one for you. There are lots to try which is the good news, the bad news is some people are “treatment resistant” and nothing works.

I’m currently on 60mg of Lurasidone (Latuda) and it works great with no side effects.

This sounds delusional. Are you taking meds for sz?

5 mg is not a theraputic dose of ability!

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It took me years to be come sort of functional and many different tries with different meds. Getting going again is a process. You’ve got to trust in it and be patient.

Good luck.


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