It’s Friday the 13th


Ha! I realized it was Friday the 13th when I woke up at 4:30am, and looked at my phone. I was like, “Oh, no…”

My insulin pump, for my type 1 diabetes, ran out of insulin at 4:16am. On Friday the 13th! Dun dun dun.

I had to fix the situation and I’ve been awake ever since. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope today isn’t cursed???

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Hopefully u have better fortune the rest of the day :pray:

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Thanks, @Jonnybegood. I hope you have a fantastic day. :smiley:

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Oh! Here we go.

It is regional thing.

Indians consider number 7 lucky and number 8 unlucky. Opposite in China.

Chinese to 666: Oh yeah! Christianity: Oh beast!


Yeah, it is just a made up curse. A myth. But it’s fun to joke about Friday the 13th. :smiley:

My hubby was born on Friday the 13th. We joke that he is cursed, from birth. :joy:


Jokes on you guys. He might be one who brings curse in you guys’ lives. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes apart, have a good day!

goodday- nuts-cookie


Okay everyone! Don’t smoke marijuana cigarettes, don’t have premarital sex, don’t go camping, and stay the hell away from Crystal Lake!!

And you should be fine. :smiley:


Hmm. . .

On The First Day Of Friday The 13th My True Love Gave To Me…, The Eerie Of Eerie!.

On The Second Day Of Friday The 13th My True Love Gave To Me…, Graveyard Of Happy!.

On The Third Day Of Friday The 13th My True Love Gave To Me…, Whispers & Etchings!.

On The Fourth Day Of Friday The 13th My True Love Gave To Me…, Tombstones Of Dreams!.

On The Fifth Day Of Friday The 13th My True Love Gave To Me…, Five Golden 13th’s (!!!).

And So On…,

Merry Friday The 13th Everyone!.

:ghost: :alien: :ghost:

Good Friday the 13th advice,

But I can’t make any promises on the marijuana cigarettes!

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Lol! If Jason catches you, just say “I didn’t inhale.”


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It’s like the mandatory stupid safety briefing. Don’t drink and drive, don’t beat your wife, and don’t do drugs, privates.

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Oh God! I remember those military safety briefings to this day. Everyone was always bored to death during them. :joy:

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Indeed. The same dumb, repetitive horseshit every Friday. Alright privates, get your battle buddy’s phone numbers, and if you’re too drunk to drive, start calling. Hell, call Top if you need to (don’t!).

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Nothing horrible has happened

In the Air Force we had a program called Sober Ride you were supposed to call if you were too drunk to drive back to base.

A lot of people still got DUI’s though.

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Was that like a free Uber for drunk airmen?

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Lol each weekend a different squadron would volunteer for it. My squadron volunteered one weekend and we had a lot of fun staying up all night watching movies. I only went out once to be my buddy’s wingman.

The airman we picked up seemed very level headed. Kinda quiet too. I’m happy he decided to call us that night. :+1:

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Interesting. When I was at Fort Sill, they told us, “If you’re too drunk to drive, get a hold of yourself, straighten yourself out, point yourself towards base, and start walking.” Stupid.

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