It’s Friday the 13th

Hmm. . .

The Thread Has Taken A Turn For The Worse.

May Jason & Freddy Arrive Shortly And End Thus Military Madness.

For The 13th Spell Cannot, Will Not, Ever Be Broken.

Merry Friday The 13th Everyone (!!!).

:ghost: :alien: :ghost:


As an insomniac that doesn’t sound too bad, it would mean I am in a deep sleep, lol

Hmm. . .

May His Fingertips Of Pure Magic Grace The Trace Of Your Mind’s Eye (!!!).

Have A Beautiful, Hopeful Night, Awake, And Wide (!!!).

In His Void Touch Of Blackened Virtue Of Sight, There Will Be No More LIES (!!!).

Almost over, 11:41 pm here, putting my chainsaw away for now, :sob:

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Hmm. . .

May The Chainsaw’s Rest In Peace. :ghost:

Thank you for the insult to our service.

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