It really happened

It was Dec 1999 and my former US spouse had left and I lived alone in a house in Atlanta. I think it was on Dec 16 1999 when I received a mysterious telephone call in which a female voice spoke very fast and during this call I started to get an image into my mind. I believe this was some effort to brainwash me. I did hang up the phone call quickly and I was not completely brainwashed. After the call I started feeling disoriented and did things I would have not normally done. One of these things was that I went to the upstairs of the house and looked at my image in the mirror and a voice came and said 'What do you see?'¨and I saw just a black image of myself. This is what really happened.

Are you taking your meds? Just curious.

Yes I am taking my meds. These events happened 21 years ago in America. I think that my life in America was quite good. I travelled, I saw places, but then there was a divorce. Well that is the ancient memory already.

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