I believe that mysterious brainwash calls exist

I got one of these calls in Dec 1999, during the call I was able to feel that an image was coming to my brain and I disconnected the phone call quickly, however after this call I started doing stupid things and I felt very disoriented, just wondering if anybody else have had similar experiences.

Interesting… 15151515"

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There is no such thing. You were experiencing a hallucination, and some delusional thinking because you had just started getting sick.

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I know it may be hard to believe that this phone call exists. During this telephone call a young woman spoke very fast while this image was coming to my mind. I believe that this call exists.

Now after many years I have understood that many notebook entries that I have made have been
hallucinations such as one I made in New Mexico in Sept 1999. I have written and described a satellite system how they, intelligence agencies, use to communicate to people’s minds. I even wrote how this system evaluated to which intelligence agency I belonged. The conclusion was none. I know now that these have been just hallucinations I had when I became sick.

But I still believe this brainwash telephone call exists.

The unusual beliefs section is for getting help overcoming your delusions, not for convincing others that your delusions are real.