Have you ever got weird telephone calls

I received one in Dec 1999. former US spouse had left and I lived alone in one house in Atlanta. Then in one evening I got a call in which a fast speaking woman was telling something, I thought they tried to brainwash me, when that woman spoke I received an image in my brain at the same time, I thought the woman communicated some travel plan, but I did not listen the whole thing and slammed the phone down. After the call my mind was totally messed up and it took few days to recover from that call. It was all weird.

Then later when I lived in my auto in Miami and used some FIU’s computers, there was a young man behind me and I heard him receiving a similar call and after the call he left. I would not be too surprised if that was some secret technology the intelligence agencies are using.

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It was probably nothing, mjseu.

I got weird phone calls for a while where nobody talked, it was weird. I was so paranoid at the time I thought I was being stalked, but nothing ever happened aside from a few phone calls.

I do not know if it was nothing, some other weird things happened when I lived in my auto in Miami, once one US mil person in psychological operations came to talk with me, his name was Carlos and was a member of Mensa, why did he come and talked with me. I actually believe that those phone calls exist, well that is just my opinion. When I lived in my auto one US force recon Michael followed me around. I tried to fix my laptop at one library and this Michael saw this. And then soon after that I received an email message telling that ‘they got my laptop.’ At least it all was weird.

Maybe someone think a telephone number is the fax number? I don’t know for sure.

Unlikely @Plumber, it was on my cell phone.

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Some other weird things happened in Sept 1999 in Atlanta. Once in the evening I was starting to sleep and suddenly I started feeling strange pain in my chest, almost like a heart attack, and I received a voice telling ‘if you do not take that fax, you’ll die’. I had a small home office in the house where I lived and then after few seconds receiving this voice, I heard that a fax was being sent to my fax machine. I got up and went to get this fax, it was from the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, and so I got a fax and did not die. These have just been some real experiences long time ago.