Cold weather


Really gets me feeling bad. It’s just so dead feeling and I have a much better mood when it is warm and sunny instead of freezing and cloudy. I just feel like it’s making me unhappy, but not exactly depressed. Anyone else live for warm weather? It gets in the 100’s F here in the summers and I don’t mind that one bit, I love it.


I don’t live for warm weather, but I’m not liking the freeze either. I LIKE my warm rain. Perfect for surfing.

Just enough rain to scare away the tourist and not rain enough to be cold. We’re in the ocean… We’re not going to get much wetter…

I found out that those light lamps really work with S.A.D. and really helped me perk up more then I would have thought. If you are stuck inside do to the cold, Vitamin D might help.


You know mortimermouse, I prefer sunny weather and not too cold, I dont like freezing weather - I dont do much and am less active during winter months. I prefer the Spring and Summer as long as its not too hot and humid, I dont like this either - Im fussy I guess. :sunny: :smiley:


After a while it sucks, but overall I like having cold winters and hot summers here. Fall is the best time of year.


We have 2 seasons in Arizona - hot and hotter. The lowest I’ve seen it get to here is 30, and the highest was around 120-122. It may be a dry heat, but 120 is 120.


That’s the way it is. when it’s cold, it’s cold. When it’s hot, it’s hot. There’s nothing you can do about it. Enjoy the snow. It only happens in winter. In the U.S., you should have heat and A/C. That’s something to be thankful for. Be thankful both for having the U.S. and for having heating and A/C. You might have boots or shoes. Be thankful for that.